Christian Life Coaching
and Mentoring




As a Christian YOU are Born Again and are now “a temple of the Holy Spirit.”  When YOU reach the point of  belief that God is already  dwelling in and at work in a YOUR life, it follows that the one who has the best handle on God’s will is YOU.  Therefore the most dependable way to get in line with what God is doing is to let YOU drive the coaching which centers on YOUR goals.  One of our fundamental gifts to YOU is not to advise, but providing a listening environment that unlocks YOUR own creativity.


YOU will learn to love coaching because it is centered on YOU and your relationship with God.  We now have a way to work with YOU that honors YOUR ability to hear God for YOURSELF!  Coaching is totally different than most of what we do in ministry, in that it is directed by the discernment of YOU and YOUR journey to hear from God.  Coaching looks to YOU to set your own agenda and solve YOUR problems, with the help of a trained and certified life coach.  It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict YOU, speak to YOU about what YOU need to be doing and use life circumstances to motivate YOU to change.



A coach offers a service: an environment that helps YOU think more clearly; acceptance that helps YOU to explore without shame; and an unconditional belief that leaves YOU energized and motivated to change.  Coaching is like putting a plant in a greenhouse: with the right amount of sun heat, fertilizer and water, the plant will grow into what is God’s best and most natural design.  Yet there are certain things that are hard for human beings to do themselves. 

One of those is getting perspective on their own lives without the filter of emotions, bias, and pre-conceived notions.  We talk about accomplishing something, but fail to nail ourselves down and really commit to certain course of action.  Sometimes, our lack of confidence keeps us from trying things, which we could easily master if we could muster up the courage to get started.



"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?" Psalm 42:1-2


Being human means having limitations.  Coaching provides the missing ingredient that helps YOU accomplish some of those things in life that are difficult to do alone.  Just the fact of having someone qualified to do the simple act of compassionate listening to YOU can make a huge difference.  When you combine listening with unconditional acceptance, powerful anointed questions and a support structure for change that has God at the center of it , you have a real hot house for natural God inspired growth.


"No longer will a man teach his neighbor, or a man his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,' because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest. "Hebrews 8:11


The coaching relationship with YOU is divided as follows as you pursue YOUR Life Goals;

1. You, the client, will do most of the work; not the coach. Sometimes clients think that the coach has all of the answers, can tell them exactly what to do, or should make the client do things. That is not the function of the coach.

2. Your coach’s job is to share observations and give feedback; not solve your problems. You are responsible for finding solutions to your own problems. Your coach can apply wisdom to issues,  make you more aware of yourself, inspire you toward a vision, help you work out a strategy, define action steps, and anticipate how to deal with obstacles.

3. If you don’t feel your coach is providing the appropriate help that you need, it is your responsibility to discuss the issue with them.

4. Your coach’s job is to ask for more than you can reasonably do. They will consistently ask you for more in an effort to keep you thinking of possibilities. You can always accept, decline or negotiate.

5. Your coach is your success partner, not your higher authority or taskmaster. Your coach will encourage you to take actions, however, the best coaching occurs when you take the initiative.

6. Your coach works with you as a whole person, not just on the situation or goals. Your coach will need to talk with you about who you are, where you come from, where you are at the present time, how you think, assumptions you’ve made, what motivates you, etc., in order to assist you solve problems and set goals.

7. The value of coaching isn’t based on how much time is spent in coaching. Great coaching can occur in 60 seconds—when the right thing is said in the right way, the client leaps forward.

8. Your original goals may change or be abandoned. Sometimes we really don’t know what we want. It’s better to go with the flow and let your real goals emerge during the coaching process rather than knowing them all in advance.

9. Sometimes your coach will need to work on strengthening you, instead of encouraging you to accomplish something. Goals are reached more quickly and easily when you have a strong personal foundation. Personal growth takes time, but lasts a lifetime.

10. The coaching session isn’t the most important part of the coaching process. Having great sessions between a coach and the client is important, however, it’s not the “quality” of the session, but it’s how well the client integrates and uses what was covered between sessions.



If you are stable and looking forward to a better future , this type of guidance may be helpful to you.

Fill in the Christian Coaching Form and be sure to check the mandatory box that insures you are aware of our coaching limitations and your release from liability  titled “Terms of Use.”

Your inquiry will be reviewed by my ministry and prayed over. Based on Information on your request, and workload, I may collaborate with our partner New Life Coach, Inc which is a 501 c (3). We may discern that this non-profit (with many more volunteer coaches) could help us handle your request in a more timely manner.